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Sorghum threshing machine in Kenya

Sorghum threshing machine in Kenya
Sorghum threshing machine in Kenya
Sorghum threshing machine in Kenya

Sorghum farming, especially among large and medium-scale farmers, has not been more profitable due to labor demands during post-harvest practices. Threshing sorghum manually is labor-intensive hence the need for a machine.

Our company analyzed the situation and creatively came up with a threshing machine. According to research on the profitability of sorghum, farmers have significantly improved their net benefits by using the threshing device.

Why you should buy from us

Our team of qualified technicians assessed the situation and devised a machine that properly threshes the sorghum and millet without compromising the quality.

Some of the features of our sorghum threshing machine in Kenya that enable it to minimize post-harvest losses and costs are:


This machine can be moved easily from one region to another; hence a farmer with sorghum crops in different areas can easily thresh the crop without incurring much transportation costs, a healthy strategy to reduce post-harvest losses and expenses.

Low energy consumption

Every business aims to raise benefits; I invest in machines with low operating costs as an investor. Despite the small fuel tank, our device can work for longer hours without running low on power; how did we make this possible? Our electrical and mechanical engineers did a great job ensuring that the machine undergoes complete combustion; hence no fuel is wasted.

The design

It is one step to have an idea; implementation may differ from the concept. Our machine is designed to reduce the falling off of small-sized cereal during threshing, significantly reducing agricultural losses during post-harvest handling.

Winnowing attachment

Our machine has a cleaning and winnowing compartment that ensures the seeds that undergo the threshing are cleaned and ready for market or consumption in subsistence production.

The cooling system

Our machine has a well-designed cooling system; there is a reduction in overheating; therefore, under proper servicing and maintenance, it can work for a long time without breakdown.

Are you a severe sorghum farmer who wants to reap big from his farm? If yes, below are some benefits you will likely get.

Reduced post-harvest Costs

A threshing machine helps both a large-scale farmer and a small-scale one to minimize the number of employees during threshing. The device has a speed of between 500 to 600 kg/h. This enables a farmer to harvest their field faster with minimal cost.

Minimization of Post-harvest losses

Machine threshing ensures that the grains are directed to a storage bag; not even one grain is dropped on the surface. Our company is proud of making this possible; sorghum farming is now profitable.

It is Affordable

The cost of buying our machine is of reach to any interested farmer. Acquisition costs and operating expenses are pocket-friendly; the rise in the demand for the device can explain this.

The Rise in Demand for Sorghum

Sorghum is highly demanded by both the local consumers and brewery industries; the essence is people have to work on quicker production methods, and that is where the machine comes in.

To conclude, our company has made it easy for people to do agriculture; inventing the sorghum threshing machine relieved the sorghum farmers of the costly labor expenses. Thanks to our up-to-date engineering team with our capable board of management. Dear farmers, we are here for you.