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Maize huller machine price in Kenya

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To help reduce the post-farm challenges in maize production and hence reduce food wastage, our company, through a qualified team of technical officers, implemented a hulling machine that aids in separating the grains from the cobs with minimal costs. Is this not a commendable invention?

We will inform you more about our machine, and at the end of it, all maize farmers will get the sense and urgency to acquire one.

Why you should purchase from us

Apart from being the backbone of most economies of the globe, agriculture is also a source of employment for farmers. Therefore, farmers invest in machines and processes that help minimize cost, reducing the production cost and maximizing net benefit, that is, profit. It is important to note that the maize huller machine price in Kenya is customer friendly.

We introduced our maize huller machines and, a few months later, did its impact assessment. These are some benefits corn farmers accrued from using our machines;

No need for skilled labor

It is general knowledge that wages for a skilled labor force are high. Hence, our machine, which any person of sound mind operates, is a breakthrough for farmers. Launching our huller machine only requires minimal instructions and saves our hardworking farmers a lot of costs.

Low maintenance and operational costs

Production costs are always nightmares for any agricultural producer; it is, therefore, an excellent innovation for our company to come up with a machine that only requires cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of worn-out parts as a maintenance practice and, of course, only two operators in the case of manual and one operator when using the electronic one. With the cost reduction and high hulling rate of 800 to 1000kg/hr of maize grain, the machine is worth investing in.

Eliminates the pain in hand shelling

Farmers and their employees need to take care of their bodies during production. A production method that compromises the producers' health should be abolished; that is to say, hand shelling should be abolished; apart from being costly and time-consuming, it may lead to hand injuries. Coming up with a shelling machine was a great help our company delivered to the hands of corn farmers.

Favourable Acquisition cost

We came up with the machine to help farmers reduce post-harvest losses and minimize labor costs in shelling; charging it highly would have discouraged them from buying it hence continuing to suffer; with farmers in our hearts, we were able to come up with a machine that even small scale subsistence farmers can afford. That is why every maize farmer is rushing for the machine, individually or through farm groups.

Our machine is designed to help in maize hulling; despite its simplicity in design and operation, you must take some precautions.

1. Only persons over 18 years of sound mind should operate the machine. This will help to reduce cases of accidents and child labor.

2. Clean the machine after use and regularly oil the moving parts. As a maintenance practice to make it work effectively and efficiently.

3. Replace the worn-out parts

4. Follow the company's instructions while using the machine.

It is worth noting that our machine is a savior to maize farmers. A good inspiration as to what a dedicated team can do to solve daily challenges. This is a machine worth investing in by all maize farmers.