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Chaff cutter price in Kenya

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Are you a farmer thinking about how you will make the remains from your crops useful to your livestock? We have a solution for you. Our chaff cutter will solve your problem.

We are sure you know how hectic it gets when you are trying to feed your livestock with fodder. You understand how tiring it gets to cut the fodder one stalk at a time. The feed does not only go to waste as the livestock are unable to eat and will be hungry, but it also dirties their feeding areas and the general surrounding.

A chaff cutter is designed in a very simple way to shred fodder into smaller pieces to make it easy for consumption by the livestock. It does this with utmost simplicity and affordability to you as a farmer. We highly regard our customers, and we ensure to provide them with the best machine.

Our chaff cutter includes the feeding chute, where you insert the fodder as you turn the crank. This, in turn, makes the sharp cutting blades chop the feed into smaller bits. These pieces ensure that the livestock is at ease when consuming its feed.

When you purchase our machine, you will get the following benefits in return;

You will save a lot of money – If you have a limited budget, our chaff cutter will be the best for you because the chaff cutter price in Kenya is affordable. A chaff cutter will be the best for you if you are a small-scale farmer.

Maintenance will be minimal - Since it has few components, it is easy to clean. It also does not need fuel or electricity. With the absence of complex components, it only wears out slowly. This will save you a lot of time and money to invest elsewhere.

You can feed your animals with various types of feeds - It can handle various types of fodder. This includes maize stalks, hay, sorghum, silage, Napier grass, and others. This will help you feed your animals with different feeds regarding what is available in a particular season or region.

What we put into consideration when we are helping you make your purchase;

Quality and durability - We ensure that your machine is durable and of high quality so that you can be sure of its longevity, efficiency, and effectiveness to produce the desired results.

Size and capacity - We put into consideration the number of livestock you need to feed and the amount of fodder you are required to process. We advise our small-scale farmers to go for the smaller sizes and the large-scale farmers to purchase the bigger machines.

Warranty and after-sale services - We ensure your machine has effective after-sale services and a reasonable warranty to ensure you are assisted in case of any repairs.

Price - Our prices vary depending on the sizes of our machines.

Having a chaff cutter from our company will be a worthwhile investment; purchasing it will be worth the cost and save you time. Contact us today!